searching... for Tri-color Muse 2

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  1. I am searching for med or large tri-color muse 2.

    I am living outside us. just wonder does anyone can recommended an online store? that willing to ship overseas ? I cant wait.....

    I've been asking a few department stores but seems they are not willing to ship overseas or track down the stock from another store...

    any help would be appreciate!
  2. Check the Deals & Steals thread as someone just posted several Muse 2 styles for the YSL store. Good luck!
  3. have you contacted a YSL boutique? i means not in department stores?
  4. YSL outlet store at Woodbury Commons in NY has a tri color on sale - I think it was $999.
  5. I contacted them

    they only take US credit card and ship to US address. ( my friend is happy to receive the parcel for me but he dont have sufficient limit on his card to buy the bag for me )

    my god... i am so hopless.
  6. Selfridges London has one
  7. My Aussie friend just scored one at the YSL in Las Vegas. Maybe give them a call? I know the outlets don't take international credit cards, but the legit boutiques should.
  8. thanks all~ will try to contact them.
  9. Just so you know ,Its the croc nubuck 09 one...!