Searching for Tokidoki Collectors in the Midwest

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm relatively new to the Purse Forum, but just made an introduction post to the main page. It pretty much sums up when and how I came to be a Tokidoki fan.

    I am really anxious to meet/get to know other collectors or admirers. I am wondering, are any of you here from Minnesota or other states in the Midwest? If so, how do you quench your need for Tokidoki??

    See, I stumbled upon my Luna bella bella by freak-chance I believe and ever since I find it really difficult to find a variety of Tokidoki in stores. It seems to me that the brand is most popular in California, along the coastal lines in general, and overseas more than anything. I know about JapanLA and a few other online stores, but being from the MidWest it seems like they're more of a hassle to get ahold of. Is there any advice anyone can give me on where I can find these bags? I saw that Macy's had a small selection online a while back, but it was wiped out pretty quick after the last sale they had. :shocked:

    I'm really in the market for a L'amore print in either Zucca or Bambinone, but I'm afraid they've all been swiped up. eBay seems to have a few, but they're rather overpriced. Does anyone have any helpful tips to other online shops I might not know about?

    Thank you for any help you may be able to give. I can't wait to check out the site more thoroughly and get to know more collectors! :smile:

  2. Hi bellamomobella and welcome!:balloon:

    What part of the midwest are you from? I live in Ohio and can relate to not seeing Tokidoki bags in any of the Macy's or Nordstrom's in Ohio.

    I have amassed my collection of Tokidoki through online retailers such as LeSportsac, Pulse, and JapanLA. eBay is also sometimes a good place to nab hard to find prints (although it can be pricey). Also, I usually squeeze a trip to the mall when I on vacation in California or Las Vegas, where it's generally relatively easy to pick up some prints from the stores in those areas.

    If you live anywhere near St. Louis, Pulse is located there. They are great at working with us ladies for print placement over the phone, but they may be an in-store option for you too if you live in that part of the midwest.
  3. Hi angelc*ruin!

    Thank you for replying! :smile: I'm from Minnesota actually, so I'm quite north midwest. We have the Mall of America here, but their selection really isn't the best whenever I'm there. There is also a store called Urban Outfitters that was carrying a small selection at one point, but it's dwindled down quite a bit and hence I just wasn't sure where to look anymore.

    Thank you for your suggestions, maybe I will have to try giving Pulse or JapanLA a call and see if they can help me out. There's a chance I may be going to California in 4-5 months, as I'm getting married in September and Cali is one of the possible destinations we're thinking about for our honeymoon. :love: A girl can dream about Tokidoki while on her honeymoon right?? haha Thanks again! ^_^

  4. I live in I'm south but I'm from I consider myself a midwest girl! Anyway, I've purchased my bags from many dif. places...unfortunately, none of them are hand picked by me except off of ebay!

    The outlet stores are listed on's website under store locators. They usually only carry a few out of date prints. but they're 25% off, some of the way older prints are 50% off. They're final sale and you have to buy/charge/send over the phone. So, you may love or not like what you end up with! Some sales people are more helpful than personal best experiences have been with the Seattle outlet...others have had good luck w/the NY outlets.

    Also there are other vendors listed at the top of this forum. Look there and try them. I've ordered from Azalea, they take forever to ship and no picking what you want at its "blind ship" like macys is....or you can dig up Macy's phone numbers off of this forum and call them individually out in cali. and hope you reach a clerk who will hunt and help you out and you can charge/send over the phone. Macy's shipping is expensive though, and the calling can take forever. But, if you don't like them, you can return it to your store! That's a nutshell of my own toki hunting without stores available. I will tell you some of the girls have been sweet here and helped me out finding bags too. Lattgrl helped me out once finding print placement for a bag at a macy's in cali.
  5. Hi, I'm from Wisconsin near Milwaukee. None of the stores near me carry Toki. So I've had to buy all of my bags online or from ebay. Just recently I found out that someone found them in Illinois.

    I hope you are able to still get what you want.
  6. Hi there, I'm Dawn also from Ohio and aside from some random bags at urban outfitters which are now gone..I've never had the chance to see a tokidoki lesportsac bag in person...I just have to blindly chance it by ordering as well!

  7. Hi! I'm Maya from Hawaii. I don't "collect" tokidoki bags, as I use all the ones I have... but they're super cute and I love 'em and have too many already. ;)
  8. Hi, I'm from MN too!

    The only places I know of that have Tokidoki at the moment are the MOA Bloomies (L'amore, Pirata, Adios Star, Bianco) and Metro Park (Pirata).

    I've seen them at the downtown Macy's as well, but they haven't gotten in any new lines since Foresta, so who knows if they'll get them back or not.

    Well, I guess there will be a Pirata Cucciolo at the DT Macy's once I return the one with my least favorite placement. :p
  9. Hello, from Illinois. :smile:

    I just went to Macy's in Northbrook Court and I found out they have the newer styles. I was so excited. :yahoo: I finally can go to a store and see some of the different styles and choose the print placement. They also have them at Macy's downtown Chicago but I rarely go there. I usually call around when I find out something in the forum. It's great when everyone shares info. about what the different locations have, the different styles and if they are on sale. If anyone else knows of a store in Illinois that sells them, I would love to know.

  10. Hoot says there is a Bloomies in Skoakie, Ill that carries them.
  11. ice-cream - northbrook doesn't regularly carry tokidoki. they have them there because that was a return i did from

    but you're right, downtown chicago macys has a good selection. they just got a shipment of notte, which i thought was really weird because that's an older print.
  12. Do they usually carry the current prints of toki too? (downtown chicago?) Is there more than one Macy's downtown?
  13. I'm in central Indiana, and I have yet to find a store in Indiana that carries any Toki. I have driven over to Pulse is St Louis becuase it is only like 3 hours each way, just to see Toki in person. Besides that I mainly shop ebay & the outlets. I have called a Macys in CA once to get a Lamore stellina, and I had a hard time understanding the woman, and was really worried about what was actually coming in the mail. Hopefully I can get to Chicago to see the stuff up there, I just have to come up with a reason to go there. Its nice to be able to see the sizes in person, it gives you a lot better persepective of what you want.
  14. annie b - i know for sure that the macys on state street has current tokidoki (just not spiaggia yet). i don't believe north michigan avenue macys carries them. if you go to chicago, i'd stop at macys, and then bloomingdales on north michigan has them (not too much) and the fornarina sneakers. also, i thought i read somewhere that a.okay official carries tokidoki as well. not positive on that. and of course, make a stop at rotofugi! :p
  15. Hi, I'm also in Ohio and find that all my tokidoki stuff comes from online or phone.

    Macy's (you just missed out on 20% and free shipping.) - With Macy's I'll order multiple of the same bags hoping for a good placement on at least one and then return the others.
    Nordstroms - also a blind order
    The Seattle and SouthHampton outlets have SA's who are really nice with helping you find the perfect print placement. I've scored a couple bags from them. Plus shipping is reasonable and doesn't increase with the amount of bags you buy.
    Also azaleaonline, thegiantpeach, japanla, and bazaaradriatic are good ones too for clothing and jewelry as well.
    I've done a chargesend from Pulse in St. Louis. They help with print placement as well and will email you a pic of the bag.
    Lastly, I am constantly monitoring eBay. I scored a wonderful original print bella. Unfortunately, you'll probably pay over retail especially for older prints but at least you can see the bag before you buy.

    But mostly you just have to be an aggressive online shopper, which I am. Good luck though. And if anyone ever finds stores in Ohio which carry Tokidoki please let me know!