Searching for this D&G handbag

  1. That site sells fakes. Really bad fakes. Many of the styles there don't even exist in the real bags.
  2. I think Yudy is asking for the style/name of a particular D&G bag she wants.

    Welcome to the purse forum Yudy. I actually saw your post on CL and saw that someone gave you the link to this forum to get help. I'm sorry I can't help since I don't know D&G too well but good luck!

  3. I know it's fake but D&G does make a bag like the one in the picture. I can't find a picture of an authentic one, this was the best I can find.

    lawchick, thanks for welcoming me. I'll keep searching.
  4. Did you try Saks, NM or Nordstorms? They're the only ones that I know of that sell real D&Gs. I've not seen that style in any of the stores.
  5. I have been looking for a similar bag: a D&G "petroleum" (teal) patent leather hobo. There was one at a Nordstrom's in San Diego but I couldn't buy it then and then struck out at the local Nordstrom's and the Saks, NM, and Nordstrom websites. Any ideas for finding this bag?