Searching for these Chanel Gladiator Boots

  1. I hope it's alright to post this since it is the Chanel Bags/Accessories thread...:rolleyes:
    I'm looking for these Boots...:sos: (to go with my new Bag!) in this WHITE or even the GREY...

    Any news will be very much appreciated indeed!:flowers:

    Thanks in advance!:tender:
    Chanel Boots Close-up.jpg
  2. You should PM fr2ncz. She's got the know for all shoes Chanel.
  3. Done. Thanks so much for your help elongreach! :flowers:

    The members here are great! :tender:
  4. I PMed you, but in case anyone else was wondering:

    Well I have bad news. I went to my SA (because he is the one who tells me everything about Chanel, Gucci, Manolos, and so forth) and he said they were a summer shoe. Because they were a summer shoe, Neimans usually sells them until they stop existing and they are basically gone.

    He did say that the Gladiator Boots were replaced by a new short white boot with the black point. I saw them, they look cute! Also, there is a sandal that is very similar. If you are interested in those, you can let me know and I will give you my SA's contact info.