Searching for the Perfect Twiggy

  1. My heart is set on a Balenciaga Twiggy.

    Now the fun starts where Im trying to find the perfect color within the perfect budget. I'm leaving for a trip in the summer and can't overspend before leaving, so my buget is quite limited.:sad: So, Im turning to used bags. I absolutely love :heart: the old colors and leather.

    I finally found an Ice Blue Twiggy, however, due to the light blue -its slightly stained on the tassles, handles and sides.

    The seller asking $300 below retail. I think its quite a high asking price. (I'm thinking) if I save up a couple hundreds dollars more I could get a brand new bag without the stains. But then I wouldnt be able to get the color and leather. Im trying to think of a reasonable offer, but Im not sure that's a fair price?

    :Push: Or Should I wait for another opportunity ... Im really bad with getting good deals or sales. I always miss them to the point where I've given up!=(
  2. The ice blue is hot in the twiggy.
  3. Finding an older Twiggy thats in really good condition at a low price is going to almost be impossible. I paid just under retail for my 05' Indigo twiggy about a month ago, and I consider that super lucky. Ebay has some nice ones that pop up once in a while. Do you know exactly what color you want?
  4. I agree - my new ink twiggy was $995 on ebay, plus shipping.....came out to just under retail.
  5. I have an ice blue first and love the colour although the leather is not as soft as the 04s but it's still thicker and softer than the current leather, so I would recomment that you get it. Maybe you can try to clean the stains?
  6. I would snap it up in a heartbeat, but those stains are just making me so indecisive.

    I havent decided exactly what color I want, but I want the ligher or brighter colors. And I must agree the Ice Blue is gorgeous. However, was it as popular as the ink? Because the popularity of the color can count for higher prices and Ice Blue wasn't as popular (in my mind?) I could be wrong! :huh:

    percephonie the leather sounds soo nice...!

    Anybody have tips for cleaning the stain out of leather?
  7. I heard that apple green wasn't popular when it came out, and yet now it seems like soooo many people are looking for it. I don't think popularity of a color when it first came out determine its rarity. If you are looking for a lighter color bbag, and can find one $300 below retail, I think you should get it. Especially since you said it's only slightly stained :yes:
  8. I'd save my money and wait for a used twiggy in good condition. Personally, darkened handles turn me off. You will find one, just be patient.
  9. Don't jump the gun! You might regret it.

    I have the ice blue ghost & the leather is absolutely I know you will be happy with the leather quality of the twiggy.
    But the stains could be a concern....!!
  10. hey ya!
    you're going to love the TWIGGY when you find your perfect one! I agree - one will pop up on eBay... a good one! Don't jump too quickly - you might regret it! Make sure you find a colour that you totally love! Us b-bag lovers can wait with you while you find your perfect twiggy!
  11. I'd take your time to make the purchase instead of just getting one for the instant gratification factor.
  12. $300 under retail for a hard to find balenciaga color is a STEAL!
  13. yeah keep us updated when u find that one true bag for u.... i have the calcaire/ivory and love the color so much.. the bag is so soft..
  14. Thanks everyone for your opinions. I really do appreciate them. :love:

    I decided that Im NOT going to get the bag. Im once again Twiggyless.

    I just know I wouldnt love the bag as much and I would give myself a hard time trying to justify the purchase constantly. I guess it looks more dirty then its suppose to because the stains are yelllow (sweaty palms?)

    I made a mistake with my previous post and he's actually asking $200 less the price.

    However, Im going to keep checking back with my B-Bag girls here on this forum!:heart: Please-Please Gimmie a heads up if you find anything on eBay! And I'll be sure to keep an update!=)