Searching for the perfect casual everyday bag - any ideas?

  1. My quest for this year is to get a great everyday bag. It's the one thing I've always struggled with - I have loads of great structured bags, but I can never seem to find a good casual everyday bag.

    Budget £300/$600ish. Colour - dark - but it could be black, grey, blue, brown.

    Requirements - shoulder bag, or a handheld with an optional shoulder strap.

    Pockets - must have at LEAST two slots for phone/ipod inside, plus a zip pocket for keys and secure items. Further internal organisation would be nice e.g. a central zip compartment to split it up. I've got a habit of carrying A LOT of junk, and always rummaging around in the bottom of my bigger bags :biggrin:

    Brands I've considered - MbyMJ, Kooba, Botkier, Hayden Harnett, nothing has really screamed at me yet. Would have to mail order unless I wait till I can get down to London, so purse forum pics and recs would help enormously! Don't mind eBay or vintage if I can get authenticity guarantees/recs.
  2. I think you should check out the Belen Enchandia thread for the Love Me Mini. It falls within your price range and really seems like an ideal bag.
  3. I just got the HAyden HArnett Salina Pouch and it is a cute casual bag. It's got the organizational zip pockets that you need and is super lightweight. It looked smaller than I thought but it surprisingly fits all of my things. It's superlight as well. It's on sale on hh's website in pewter and poppy red. I have it in Ink that I got off eBay. Take a look.
  4. The Belen sounds nice - I'll keep my eye open for pics.

    The Hayden Harnett is cute, but the colours aren't for me. None on eBay :sad:
  5. I just can suggest the belen Love me in black crash, le leather slouches wonderfully after breaking it in, it's roomy, pretty lightweight and greatly organized and it#s available in a lot of different colours, leathers and hardware.
  6. Since you're in the UK have you looked at Billy Bags? The ones I've seen have been real cute plus very well made.
  7. I've had a look at Billy - not really into this season's stuff, will check the spring range though when it comes out.
  8. You might want to check out Linea Pelle, I have two of them that make great "everyday" bags.
  9. Yeah LP is awesome. I love the Dylan Tote as an everyday bag. Check them out at
  10. My favorite everyday bag is my Botkier Emily. I don't use it everyday, but when I used it yesterday it made me feel stupid for not using it everyday! I just adore it!

    It has a great shoulder strap that's super comfy and never slides off. I can actually wear it cross bodied if I'm in the city and want extra purse protection. Worn normally, it has the perfect drop so you can actually access your items without taking the purse off (great concept:p). It has zipper pockets on the outside for phone/keys, or you can use the big front pocket- this is where I put my wallet, cell phone and keys for easy access. The main compartment is big enough for magazines, but doesn't make the bag look huge and looks kind of slouchy if you don't put tall things in it. It's super versatile! There's an interior zipped pocket too. I have mine in a rich caramel/toffee color in either goatskin or lambskin (whichever they make their SUPER SOFT bags out of) and will never get rid of it. If you get one on ebay, you might even have $ left over for something else :smile:

    BTW- pics really don't do it justice. This is a bag that looks best on. I also find it very figure flattering somehow!
  11. The Linea Pelle stuff is nice - there are a couple of potentials on their website.

    Have fallen in love with the Botkier Sophie - can only find it in stock on and I think I read a few threads with probs there. Will carry on searching.... There's a couple of MJs on the shortlist too - I like this grey faridah:
  12. I just bought and returned this bag. Someone on this forum has several and loves them. I found it to be quite odd looking and knew that I would never use it. Maybe I'm not edgy enough to carry it off!! The leather is beautiful and color is brown in some lights and purple in others. Let me know what you think, if you get it:smile: I do have the LP Piper Speedy in Sherry and highly recommend it. It's a very different type compared to the Boktier--more of an artisan look. The leather is very soft and smooshy.
  13. I really like it, but I think I have sale goggles on. My other half has just pointed out that I have a similar one that I don't use. If I remember correctly it's the two straps that I don't get on with, so maybe a hobo style might be better for me. The search goes on......
  14. Oh dear, I know all about sales goggles! I have a pair of those myself;)