Searching for Steel with GGH in the Day style or the Brief style. Please help!!!

  1. I really want the Steel/Plomb in the Day bag (or the Brief, but more so the Day) in the Giant Gold Hardware. I have called BalNY and they only have them with Silver and Barneys doesn't have it either. It comes in every style, the City, Work, Hobo....I know they must make this combo in the Day or Brief.

    Anyone know ANY store where they have this bag?? I want it soooo badly. Or has anyone even seen this combo in these styles? Thanks :girlsigh:
  2. I saw steel with GGH in the giant hobo style (but not the day or brief) at Barneys Chesnut Hill this morning. If you're interested contact Peter at [SIZE=-1](617) 969-5354.[/SIZE]