searching for small multipocket or blake?? help please

  1. since I'm new to becoming fond of the MJ bags:p, i thought I would ask here where the best place to find one of these is. I know theres eBay and since I cant joing marketplace until i have 500 posts I was wondering if theres any hope in finding a gently used one? my local area Saks Nordies are very small and without much selection. I'm looking for a rich brown color perhaps but open to other options..thanks for any advice cecelia
  2. I'd try the usual websites: Saks, Neimans, Bloomingdales, Barneys, etc.
  3. The usual suspects (Neiman, Saks, Nordstrom, etc) at MSRP, but check your local Off Fifth, Neiman Last Call, and Nordstrom Rack for discounted Marc Jacobs bags. I can tell you that my local NR has 2 small multipockets, the last time I checked.:graucho: It's the famous berry color.:yes: Hope you find one soon!
  4. i just got a small multipocket in denim from an NR - they do a charge send and it was no hassle at all - gorgeous bag!
  5. How much are they going for at NR?
  6. the small MP is $349 and the Blake is $439 at Nordstroms Rack.
  7. ^Thanks. I might have to check that out.
  8. I believe the Nordstrom at the Mall of America store had it as of last week.