Searching for Sapphire / Violet Shoulder

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm going to a special even in late November and I'm seraching for a purple shoulder. I would love to get a clutch but I'm scared I'd lose it.. considering there will be an assortment of cocktails and champagne readily available :P. Please let me know if you see one around. I'm in Europe.
  2. Noone has seen a purple shoulder anywhere??? :sad:
  3. The shoulder seems kinda rare. Have you considered the Handle or the envelope?
  4. hmm I might water_daisy if I don't fnd a shoulder in the next couple of months!
  5. or even the makeup. You could add a chain the the zip pull so you can wear wristlet style?
  6. Thats a great suggestion.. thanks for the tip!
  7. I have seen those colors, I'll keep an eye out.
  8. Thanks BorsaBella.. please do! I still haven't been able to find one anywhere!
  9. i beleive my NM in honolulu had a violet makeup..
    here is the spy pic i took a few days ago..hopefully that was a violet i forgot! sorry!
  10. oops sorry i think its 08 saphirre not violet from 07
  11. Thanks Tofu.. I think I'll only buy a makeup if I can't find the shoulder anywhere.. I'm rather attached to that strap!!
  12. Does anyone know what current prices are for the shoulder?
  13. $695