Searching for PRADA F/W '09 Studded CrissCross Sandal

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  1. I've fallen head over heels in love with these PRADA F/W '09 black sueded studded criss-cross sandals --


    Unfortunately I have a habit of catching on to things after the season is over :sad:.....called Prada boutiques, Prada outlets, and Saks, and they are long sold out of those shoes. NM online had them but have also sold out. I see a pair on Bluefly but nowhere near my size.

    Has anyone seen these anywhere recently? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! TIA!
  2. hi foxy definitely try Neiman Marcus - look every day or so in the mornings and they will pop up. I've seen them before. Also, used to have them

    NM Link
  3. Barney's used to have these, check their website.
  4. Hey Foxy. I haven't seen them recently but I did pick up a pair at Saks so PM me if you need a SKU.
  5. Sorry i can't help, but i just wanted to say that those shoes are niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! :smile:
  6. Love these shoes!!! I bought a pair back in November and I've worn them all through my summer. They look fabulous on the foot and they're super comfortable. Get them if you can!!!
    Here's a pic of professional fashionista Anna Dello Russo wearing hers (sorry I don't know the original source of this pic...)

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  7. I think I've seen some on ebay. search for "prada studded" and have alert set up.