Searching for posts about using little locks in bags when selling on ebay? ANyone r/o

  1. remember this post? I can NOT remember who it was or where I read the info, but it offered excellent advice. I've searched but nothing is comeing up. ANyone? I've also posted this on the Chanel forum as I "think" it was there that I read it. Thank you!!
  2. i remember the post you are talking about i actually followed this advice and it worked out AMAZINGLY well, i had a sort of suspisious situation and i didnt really trust the buyer, but i went ahead and sent anyway and the locks worked perfectly
  3. Do you remember who it was that posted it, or under what thread or forum? I should have printed it out, but I thought "oh yeah, I'll remember the person".:rolleyes: Well, I guess not, lol.
  4. I have read a post about locks as well, but the one referenced wasn't it. I think it was more along the lines of how to create security tags- the OP was in the market for having pre-printed ones made. Someone posted about the combination locks as a less expensive method.
  5. ^ Yes, I think THAT was the post. Any idea what forum it was on? Any suggestions as to what to search for. Oh, how I wish I had printed that post out! DARN IT!!!!!:cursing:
  6. I remember reading that one :smile: It's a great idea
  7. yep yyz thats the one!!! the other one was my post where i decided to use that idea when i had a rude buyer and it worked perfectly!!
  8. HI! I just wanted to mention that this does work great but I only use the locks for HIGH dollar items. (Over $400). I use cable (zip) ties for all other items. The locks increase your shipping rate and the zip ties work just as well... I purchased both from a store called the Dollar Tree. Just FYI... Good Luck!
  9. YES!!!! That's the one! Oh, thank you so much for that. I tried so many different words for the search but just couldn't find it, lol!! :yahoo:

    I agree with the cables; but these will be Chanel bags, so the locks are going to be a must. THANK YOU ALL!!!!

    Can I just say: what WONDERFUL people there are on this forum! :yes: :heart:
  10. ^^good luck selling it!
  11. keep in mind too that the locks don't prevent people from using a bag -- it only prevents a bait & switch. for me, the best kind of security tag is one that (1) is on the outside of the bag and is big and obvious so the person will be deterred from wearing the bag outside and (2) can't be removed or replicated.
  12. ^What do you suggest for that (and that won't cause damage to the bag)? TIA.