Searching for Paprika Work RH

  1. I was hoping one of you wonderful enablers could help me find a Paprika Work w/ RH? :confused1: I have seen it with SGH which was gorgeous, however, since I already have another GH bag, I was hoping to find this in RH - Are they not out yet? TIA!!!
  2. I just saw one on, but it is a bit higher than retial price....but no tax...
  3. Hmmm....Still searching for a 2007 Rouille/Paprika Work w/ RH - Has anybody seen one in their travels (aside from BalNY)?? TIA!!
  4. If anyone has photos of the rouille with GH, I would love to see that too! I haven't seen any photos of the rouille or rouille with GH. I wonder what the leather looks like.....
  5. I'd like a Paprika City in RH myself. I was going to wait until my ban was over and purchase it with AR but now they're out of stock. *sigh* Just can't win.:crybaby:
  6. Hi, I saw one two weeks ago in Bal Paris (Av. George V)!!!

  7. Here is mine with SGH!
  8. and here is my hobo with GGH
  9. Romie and Pink - those are TDF! Gorgeous! I need one of those in City RH, or maybe Step RH. Has anyone seen Paprika Step (my new fave shape)? tia!
  10. Romie! that's gorgeous! I saw one of these in real life, and I was literally taken away! It is an amazing color and combination! :love:

  11. ROMIE that's beautiful! I thought you didn't care for it because you were looking for something red.....did you decide to keep it?
  12. wow Romie, your work looks gorgeous! how come the GHs generally have nice leather i wonder! I'd love to get one a paprika rh city... but so many things come first .... hehehe.... like a 05 magenta city or RT work :blush:
  13. See Romie! I told you it was a stunner!!!
  14. Hi all! I did receive this bag as a mistake. I had ordered Tomato with SGH. The GH bags have the BEST leather which is why almost all of mine are with the GH and I only have a couple with RH.

    I did re order another bag. A Violet RH City that will arrive tomorrow. I just gave up on Tomato and yes, DECIDED TO KEEP THIS ONE:busted!!!
  15. Romie and Pink, GORGEOUS bags!!!! Yummy....