Searching for Paddy

  1. Hi Everyone ..

    After months of lurking, I finally decided to join and post a message.

    In a nutshell .. Im lusting after a Paddington, ideally the Sachtel style in metallic Aubergine they had on NAP ( on sale ). I was at work, and by the time I got back home, they were sold out :cursing: . Any ideas where I can find one? NAP, LVR and AR don't have them. The closest NM and Nordies from where I live are about 2 hrs away. As a sidenote, I travel quite often for work ( 15 days a month -- both within the US and Europe. Am I better off getting a Paddy in Europe?

    Also ..I love the the Sable and Craie colours .. by my understanding, Chloe doesn't make those colours anymore correct?

    At this point, I'm :cursing: myself for not taking advantage of the NAP deal they had.

    I'm very close to ordering the black on black they have on sale on NAP --- but .. I'm kind of unsure. I do love the Aubergine, and the Sable colours.

    Any advice ?

  2. Hi, and welcome!

    eBay might be your best option. If I see any great aubergine paddies on eBay, I'll let you know. You can definitely find authentic bags on eBay; you just have to be careful.

    I have an aubergine paddy and I LOVE it. The color is amazing, and it looks great with almost everything. If that's the color you want, I'd say hold out for it and don't settle for anything else. :heart:
  3. Thanks for the quick reply ---- I did see 2 listings on ebay for the aubergine, one of appears to be authentic. I do have concerns with authenticity and ebay.

    On another note .. how do I explain to my husband that I NEED to have the Aubergine AND the Sable? I feel like I'm in a frenzy lol.
  4. Hi roma 375,

    I love the black hardware as well and I thought LVR still have metallic Aubergine paddington in medium size, not quite sure if it's the style you are looking for. The bag is under the FALL/WINTER2006 catagory beside SPRING/SUMMER2007, hope that helps. =P
  5. The LVR isn't on sale though is it ? Since they are based in Italy, I wonder how much customs tax they add on to the final price. Here's my other dilemma .. I mentioned before that I travel for work. I'm wondering if I'm better off waiting for a Europe trip.

    Yes, I love the black on black. Especially the NAP sale price. However, I already wear tons of black, which is why I thought the Aubergine was a perfect winter colour.
  6. Roma,
    You're right to be leery of ebay... but if you're careful and really check out a seller and the bag, you can find some great deals. I've gotten some of my best bags on ebay. You can always post listings from ebay on the "authenticate this" thread in this forum. The Chloe experts can usually detect a fake.
    A couple of things to look for.... the silver lock on the aubergine paddy is scuffed up looking. When my husband saw my bag, he was like, "why did they give you a used lock?". Also, the interior is dark brown instead of tan on the aubergine bags. At least it is on mine.
  7. hi there! the aubergine is a great metallic paddy to get.... Sable is an 05 paddy and can take months to find since its discontinued. I think u should get the paddy in the US. if you hold out for europe, they might not be there.
  8. Actually the FALL/WINTER2006 bags are on sale in LVR, it's 872EURO but I don't know how much is the postage and tax (sorry can't help more) and I am waiting to see if they will have further reduction. (hope~) =P