Searching for "non-traditional" Tiffany Engagement Ring

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  1. Here's a quick breakdown:
    1) My BF and I have begun looking for engagement rings
    2) I know I want that little blue box (call me shallow if you will, but it's my dream)
    3) We're working with a smaller budget than probably the average Tiffany customer (he will not be going into debt to buy me the ring)
    4) We're considering both the Ribbon ring as well as the Tiffany setting

    HOWEVER. With both of those rings, I am just terrified that I will knock the ring on something while I'm wearing it, and damage it somehow. The SA we've been working with has assured me that the rings are very sturdy, but I just know myself and what I'm like with my hands, and just in general. I guess you could call me a bit of a klutz.

    With that in mind, we're also going to look at some "non-traditional" options (but still diamond). The key thing I'm looking for is that the ring be low-profile. I saw the Tiffany Infinity ring on their website, and it really "spoke" to me. It's low profile, it's diamond, and I like the symbolism of the ring (infinity) for an engagement ring. Also, I won't lie, the fact that it comes in under budget doesn't hurt. The cost of the ring doesn't matter to me, as long as it's at or under budget. What do you ladies think of it? Has anyone seen it in person? We're going to go in to see it in person, but I wanted you ladies' opinions as well.

    Are there any other "non-traditional" rings I could be considering? We did look at the three stone Circlet ring, which I liked but my BF couldn't stand. Even though I'm the one wearing it, I wouldn't want him to give me something that he himself doesn't like.

    I haven't completely ruled out the Ribbon ring or the Tiffany setting, but I want to keep my options open and make the best decision for me and my lifestyle. The last I would want to have happen is that he gives me a ring that I end up not wearing because I'm afraid something will happen to it.
  2. If you want to go Tiffany, you could also do an eternity band? That would look very sparkly and nice next to a smooth metal band for your wedding ring.

    I know you said you want the little blue box, but one of my favourite non-traditional engagement rings worn by a friend of mine is the diamond pave love knot from Finn Jewelry. So sparkly, and it comes in a variety of metals, TCWs, and so on.
  3. I tried on the Tiffany Lucida in store and the .5ct ring was quite low-profile and wearable. But that's a traditional engagement ring...

    Have you considered the Tiffany Circlet ring?

    You would be getting the little blue box you've dreamed of, it's a lovely Tiffany & Co. diamond engagement ring, but it's not as traditional as the six-prong solitaire. It's also less than $5k.

    I tried on this ring in store two years ago (dreaming, obviously) and it was very low-profile, but still glittered and sparkled like crazy, even at 0.64ct!

    Just my tiny bit of input. This is the one I would choose if I were getting engaged... but that's me. Each woman has her own dream.
  4. I love the Infinity!
  5. I love the infinity too. I would easily have that as my engagement ring and I love rocks lol
  6. I think it's great to have a non-traditional engagement ring. Tiffany has such beautiful designs... If you love the infinity, then go for it. Otherwise, there are so many other pretty Tiffany rings from which to chose.

    Please let us know how you decide once you've seen all rings in person :smile:
  7. Very pretty style. And if you ever decide you want to go the more traditional route, it could easily be worn as a right hand ring.
  8. I personally wouldn't go for the infinity ring as an e ring because I've noticed that a lot of people wear it as a promise ring, which is what it looks to me when I see it. I like the ribbon ring the best and I don't think you'll have a problem wearing it. I would suggest either going for a solid center stone ring diamond wise, or if you want something non traditional I'd recommend looking at the other stones Tiffany has, they're really divine and special in their own right.
  9. Perhaps the Bezet ring? It is really securely set and in time to come, other bezet rings with stones of different shapes/colours could be purchased and worn together as a stack?
  10. My ER is the Tiffany classic setting in over 1c and I have not had issues with it since the prongs are not that high. I love the setting and I highly recommend it. If you want and non traditional route, I would suggest the bezet. The infinity ring is nice but it would be very difficult to wear it with a wedding band.
  11. I'd sooner go the wedding band route from Tiffany on a tighter budget bec. I think you could get more bang for your buck with a band from them that has sparkle in it or even a nice wide band like the somerset that will still come in the blue box.

    But I looked anyway through the rings to see what was close in price range to the infinity gauging that as your budget and found a couple that have a more engagement ring look to them in a non traditional way.

    the Tiffany Enchant Flower $2,900
    Tiffany Grace $2,900
    paloma picasso Love $3,000
    or if you want that solitaire look there's the Tiffany Sparklers cocktail Citrine which is cushion cut like a regular engagement ring but a cool color and 8.5 carats! for $1,700 which is less than the infinity

    I'd consider the really beautiful sparkly wedding bands like the metro and etoile band where you get that sparkle factor and the blue box. Keep us posted!
  12. I know many young people (20s and early 30s) getting married with 2 bands: one eternity or diamond & 1 gold. I think it's a classic, elegant look.

    (And fyi I think Frank Gehry's Tiffany rings are so handsome on men!)
  13. Thank you all for your advice and insight! I really do appreciate it. My heart truly loves the Ribbon ring, but apart from being scared of damaging it, I just don't think we would be able to find one that fits the budget (although we haven't given up quite yet). After that, I love the classic Tiffany setting. With our budget, we're probably looking at a .4 carat, give or take a bit. If I can get over the worry that I'll damage it, I think we'll end up going with that (or the Ribbon if it's within budget), unless I absolutely LOVE the Infinity or some other non-traditional style.

    We're going to go back in the New Year to look at rings again (just too much going on right now with the holidays!) I'm excited to see how it looks on my finger, and what my "gut" reaction to it is!

    MatAllston, this is such great information for me to have. I really like the classic Tiffany setting, but like I said in my original post, I'm completely terrified of somehow damaging it. It's good to know that even with a larger stone, you haven't had any issues.

    This is interesting! I'll have to give it some thought. Shame on you for adding yet another possibility! (when I told my BF I wanted to look at the Infinity ring, he said "But I thought you had made up your mind that you wanted either the Ribbon or Classic setting!:shrugs:" Poor guy, haha!)

    You know, the one thing that has been nagging me about the Infinity is that it doesn't say "engagement". My style tends to be pretty traditional, and I've always thought "diamond solitaire" when it comes to engagement. Since this is a once in a lifetime ring, I don't want to get a ring that I won't 100% love for a lifetime. I'm hoping a lot of my questions re: "traditional" vs "non-traditional" will be answered when go into the store again and am able to see them on my hand.
  14. I have the ribbon ring and it is still as sparkly as it was when hubby bought it back in 1999.
  15. How about the Circlet? The setting is low I think.