Searching for my next bag


Sep 22, 2011
So I got the Cherry Lindsey last week and so for really like it. I love size, color and feel of the leather. I just wish the handles were longer so I could put it on my shoulder more comfortably. I am more of a shoulder bag girl my nature.

I am ready for another lighter colored bag. I am open to older styles as well. I am thinking the desert or dove lindsey, a large sophia (ebay), or maybe a poppy tote. I think I am leaning towards the embellished putty large sophia I found on ebay but I am concerned because I had the normal sophia in flint and it was way to small for me! I want to make sure the next bag will be around the same size as the lindsey. I am also looking or a light bag since I tend to carry a lot.

here is the sophia on ebay

Thanks for reading just could really use some feedback from people with purse carrying experiance:cool:


Jun 23, 2009
I have the embellished Sophia in black and I adore it. It's also gorgeous in putty. I would highly recommend this bag! The hardware is also gorgeous.

I know what you mean about being a shoulder bag girl primarily - me too. But Sophia is worth making the exception for. :smile:


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Dec 21, 2010
In a Sunburned Country
I have the the large Embellished Sophia in Putty and it's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, and plenty large enough for ALL my needs. It's the kind of bag that looks better the more you put in it. It's not the lightest bag I own but it's not the heaviest either.

good luck with the hunt!


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Feb 12, 2010
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I have a MFF large Zoe, and it is a big bag for me. Not as big as the Lindsey, though. There are several Editorial Zoes on eBay right now, and I think that's larger than the large Zoe. Besides, they are beautiful!

You might also consider the large Brooke. That's a beautiful bag as well.
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