Searching for my first B-bag

  1. Hello PFers,
    Could any of you be so kind to let me know if you see ANY B-bags at all selling for under $800 (I'm still the unemployed college student and only get money from selling jeans :P) ? I'm starting to lose sleep :wtf:! You will all think I'm crazy, but I really have been searching the Achtung section every 45 minutes every day. I'm a major newbie when it comes to authenticating so I don't trust myself to look into Ebay and be confident enough to bid. I also feel like a pest if I post up everything I find every hour in the forum.

    Thank you everyone! I know I don't post much, but I read everything, and you guys have such a sweet and caring relationship with one another. It's so cute!

    Thank you again! :flowers:

    editied out 'that part'
    If you aren't a MP member, you may not know about sales in there.
    There's no buying or selling on tPF otherwise;)
  2. What about a mini-classique or mini-Twiggy...both retail for under $800 new. Or if you can swing $200 more, you can get a day/hobo for $995...that's a lot of bag for the price. :yes:
  3. Hi lizlikeshugs! I know exactly how you feel. A few days ago, I thought I was starting to get addicted to the Purse Forum, searching for Balenciaga on ebay, and looking at all the different colors on this great website (I think many experts from this forum helped create the site below). I even studied less for finals this week because I became obsessed with getting a bbag. Everyone in this forum is really nice. I think if you see a bag you like on ebay, you should post it in the "Authenticate This Balenciaga" thread. The website below also has a lot of tips on how to spot a fake. Goodluck!
  4. Liz, I agree with esiders- mini-twiggy but if u can stump up more cash- go for a day!
  5. What size are you interested in? It'll be hard to get one of the bigger bags at that price. But if you're willing to buy used, some of the non-rare colors will go for around $800-$900ish for a real one - a First retails for $995 new, and I've defintely seen them for under $800 used. I've seen some Cities at your price, but the condition is not necessarily very good.
    The authenticate thread is a great place to check out an auction that you're interested in.
  6. Hi liz! That was such a sweet post :tender:I know you said you don't like the idea of buying off ebay, but what I would do is keep a close eye on it and if you see something that looks good, ask about it in the "authenticate" thread. These gals are awesome at IDing real v. fake and good deals pop up on Ebay all the time... today a great Calcaire First had a BIN for $700. Also, you may want to ask sellers if they're willing to do a BIN even if there's not one on the auction. A friend of mine got a great 05 Twiggy that way for like $750.

    Those are my tips... good luck!:flowers:
  7. Thank you all for the great tips and advice.

    I am getting a bit obsessive, I had this great dream that somone sold a Courier bag to me for $350 because they took pity on me and I was ecstatic...until I woke up. At that orice, it had to be in my dreams!!

    I'm hoping to get as big of a bag as possible. I had my eye on a Courier bag but the condition on it is iffy so I am waiting for a reply.

    How big should I got? I'm 5'2.5 (that half inch is important when you're short!) and I weigh between 100-108 depending on how stressed I am. I guess I average 102 on most days. I LOVE huge bags that double as luggage but I guess that would look silly on a daily basis huh? What do you ladies think would be the biggest I can carry day to day eithout looking ridiculous?

    Thank you again all! Your all such sweeties! :heart::flowers:
  8. ^^ I'm your size and I think the Twiggy is a great size. (Love the Classique too, but that doesn't really fit your "huge bag" critera!)

    I know there are lots of petite PFers that like the city bag too... I've just never gotten a hold of one to try :graucho:
  9. Awk, you just missed a black Day going for less than $800 on ebay. :sad: I'll be on a look out for ya. :flowers: Welcome to tPF!
  10. If you want a bigger bag I'd go for the city or work but they'll be hard to find in this prize range especially the work. I'll keep an eye out for you.
  11. Thank you sweeeties ;)
  12. What do you guys think of a Shrug?

    I personally have my heart set on something that looks closer to a twiggy or classique but it's in a color I absolutely love and it's a good size and brand new!! I'm just not a big fan of the buckle....

    But for $200 more I can get the bag I really want, Courier, but in white (an okay color but kind of plain and gets dirty easily) and it's a bit worn and might have a stain on it (waiting for response). Or I can also get Purse or Day in black but neither are my dream bag shape or color I am dying for.

    Then finally for an additional hundred on that, I can get a pretty color (my 2nd or 3rd choice) and in a shape I really like but it's not really big enough for me.

    Oh the decisions!!!
  13. then you MUST save and wait to get the one you will really love.. 800-1100 ISN"T a small sum even though alot of us on the PF buy bags often.. we also sell other bags to fund bbag obsessions... but you will only get maximum satisfaction for your money if you spend it on the PERFECT onE!! or.. the 2nd best one.. hehehe..:heart:

    GOOD LUCK!!:heart:
  14. i think you should save some more money adn add to the fund. in that budget, i would love to get a bigger b-bags wather than smaller ones, and you have to work hard again to collect money to buy a bigger bag cause u're not satisfied with the smaller u already got :P