Searching for mini pouchette online


Jul 6, 2020
I am looking...more like stalking....the mini pouchette in damier azur online....I have been watching the website daily....I am from Canada....any magical time that it is most likely to re-stock????? I ALMOST had stressful...three nights ago I was lying in bed around 9:30pm ready to go to bed and thought...I should check it in my favourites and I see the amazing words: "add to cart" (OMG!!!!) so I raced out of bed to get my credit card and put it in the cart. After I entered my credit card info and pressed was sold out....I swear it only took me 30 seconds to get my credit card and enter my credit card number...clearly I have to be less than 30 seconds to get in the cart immediately and pay for it....I will have my credit card by my bedside next time....

So, best time to look online????? I'm in Pacific Standard Time....


Sep 23, 2020
Try to put your item on your wishlist by creating a LV account. Refresh the page from your wishlist. If it gets to your cart but you are not able to check it out keep it in your cart and refresh page from cart until it turns white to proceed. There is a threading “What are you stalking for CA/USA”. Look back on the page and find a pattern of when it appears. Write those times down, I also purchased on my phone instead of computer. And I also used PayPal for payment, check out quicker. I have gotten 3 hard to find items card holder mono, both MPA and PA in mono, in last two weeks. But MPA was made in Spain so I’m a little on fence about returning it, since all my LV has been made in France. Hope these tips help.


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May 28, 2014
I managed to get the Key Pouch in DE, and the MPA in both DE and Monogram within 4 days. I read online that the times they restock is generally 8-8:30am, 5-6pm, 9-10pm. I've seen the MPA in both prints pop up a few times over the last couple days.

I can also confirm with the comment above re: wishlist and PayPal speeding up the process. Best of luck.
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