Searching for Mahina XL -- GRIS in STORES

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  1. Has anyone seen the mahina XL GRIS in their stores .. please let me know as they have informed me here that they have now gone from AUS. Anyone from Singapore, HK, NZ seen it in their stores (as my SA is going to try and get it from overseas) TIA:heart:
  2. ummm... our store Montreal Canada has a few.... I dunno if your SA can get this for ya...... Good luck!
  3. They had a few in Las Vegas when I went a couple weekends ago ... maybe they can ship to you?
  4. uhmm... I saw WHITE at Castlereagh street, Sydney but not too sure its size (Sorry!)
    that bag is on display
  5. ^^ thanks .. I think the one in the Sydney store is the XXL ...they have that here but it it is too large for my needs .. I will see what my SA can do ...hopefully they will send one here, it seems that the store here only received one gris XL and it sold before my obsession for this bag commenced:P
  6. :confused1: weird... I saw another customer get one BLACK from back storage around three weeks ago...

    anyway if you come private party, they might have hold something for priviledge that party on December..

    did you get invitation card?? :graucho:
    if not, send PM me I will add you guest list coz I bring two friends to come over party, actually I hate her friend being nosy but hey at least I will try make her addicted to LV :P and hotline said ok (for total three guest)...
    then added you which become total four maybe should be ok! :shame:
  7. hey, I just remembered that once my SA ordered something from France for me cuz all of Canada was sold out for that item. So maybe instead of importing stuff from diff countries, just ask your SA to order one in from the motherland which would be easier, no?
  8. I'm 80% (I saw the xl mahina but i'm pretty sure it was gris) sure that there was one in my LV in Scottsdale, AZ, USA
  9. There were a couple in the 99 Queen St store in Auckland, NZ. Not sure if its XL thou, dunno about the sizing. Saw them during the Christmas party last week.
  10. ^^ thanks if is a XL in gris that would be GREAT as my SA said that they might be able to get items from NZ stores...Thank you everyone for all your assistance ....this is why the PF is SO great:heart:
  11. Thanks to this post (as I informed my SA there may be one in NZ) SA made an overseas request and managed to get the mahina XL for me from NZ....This is why the PF is a great place:yahoo:
  12. wow, fantastic news. congrats on your XL. :smile: