Searching for Louboutins

  1. I am trying desperately to find these....

    Very Prive peep toe in Leopard print, 39

    If anyone knows who has them, I would love to know....:yes:
    Louboutin leopard.jpg
  2. NAP just had them. They maybe sold out now though.
  3. They are....:hysteric:
  4. E-mail NAP Special Orders about your size -- chances are they'll be re-stocked and they'll e-mail you when your size is available (and put it on hold for you).
  5. have u considered calling the CL stores???
  6. Perhaps major stores like Saks, NM, Barneys, and BG as well?
  7. THANKS! I never thought of that! I have checked all the usual suspects. Natural Gas Girl on eBay has them, but she is charging more than what they retail for by over $100. SO, I will try to find them somewhere besides eBay. Thanks foxycleopatra for the tip!
  8. ^That just drives me nuts how she gets ALL the shoes and resells them for so much more. :cursing:

    I would rather go without then give her the extra $.