Searching for Janeesa...

  1. I am on the hunt for a pair of the Janeesa wedges in all black signature. I can't find them anywhere!!

    I've tried most of the Macy's around here in LA/OC area, and they only have the black/white or Khaki colors. I want these badly, but don't want to scream "HEY LOOK: COACH SHOES" along with my bag, and wallet, and keyfob and :p

    SO, If anyone see's these shoes where, kindly send me a PM so I can whip out my phone and CC and get them sent to me! I'll :heart:U forever!

    here's a pic of the black/white: (I want ALL black sig):

  2. Oh, look, there's a pair on my feet right now! :p

    LOL, just teasing, my Macy's has them - that's where I got mine. I was there last week and they are still on display. I'm PMing you right now...
  3. I just purchased these last week too at Macy's-LOL-Were they on sale at your Macy's? I also got them in Red/Khaki and Chestnut
  4. I got mine in May during Macy's Friends & Family event. I am sure I didn't get as good as a deal that you got! I was dying for these shoes and so I got them as soon as I could. I get so many compliments when I wear them - complete strangers have come up to me several times to ask me about them. How do you like the red? I've been watching a red pair on eBay for my mom. She loves them and there are some great deals on eBay on them right now!