Searching for Jack and Lucie

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  1. I know these are becoming much harder to locate, but if anyone finds one for sale could you please pm me. Thank you.
  2. keep checking ebay. they pop up time to time.
  3. I have it on my saved searches. Hope one comes up soon.
  4. I bought one on Ebay about a month or so ago in excellent condition for about $350.00. It was the medium and dark brown version
  5. Keep the search up on ebay, it will come up again. I have this keychain and it is my favorite.
  6. I bought one from Fashionphile (orange and brown) last month and then a week or so later the orange & white popped up on ebay so I bought that one too. I had been searching for about 6 months though! Be patient one will pop up!
  7. 6 months, wow. I've been looking off and on for about that long. I'll have the money for one and it never shows up, then I'll spend the money on something else and poof there it is. I will be patient this time. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. I really wanted the orange & white so when the brown popped up I figured I would just "settle" LOL

    I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you! I check both fashionphile & ebay everyday! I know, I need to get a life!
  9. I'm glad i'm not the only one. Thanks
  10. Well looks like Jack & Lucie will elude me once again on ebay. I cannot see myself paying over $500.00 for them.
  11. I know! I've been watching that auction as well - I honestly didn't think it would go above the $500 mark, but now it looks like it may go above the $600's :nuts:!!! That's unbelievable
  12. Shoe girl, you are too funny. I check like 5 sites each day. I'm pathetic!
  13. Good's at $660!!!! I NEED the brown and tan version. I got the white and orange last year. I've been looking ever since...not as diligently as some...but they are either international (don't want to deal) or too expensive. :crybaby:
  14. Another desperate one looking after them *sigh*... We should open a Thread in the Clubhouse... The desperate J&L searchers...