Searching for Inferno Stellina

  1. hi everyone,
    i'm pretty new to the board but i've been lurking for a little while now. seeing as everyone is so helpful, i was wondering if anyone knows where i could find an inferno stellina. i really really want one and i could only find a bv in inferno at macys, which is cool, but i really want a stellina. i wish the outlet still had some in cause i'd buy it in a second. any tips would be appreciated. thanks!

  2. Did you call the Woodbury Commons outlet? I was there at the beginning of the week, and I think I remember seeing one. Hope that helps!
  3. Maybe they got some in? I just know that a couple of weeks ago all the outlets were out of the inferno stellina because I've been trying to get one for over a month? Good luck! I ended up getting a campeggio instead from the Seattle Outlet.

    Oh, and welcome to tpf!!! The girls here are super nice!
  4. thanks for the suggestions, guys. the woodbury outlet just emailed me back saying that they were out of the inferno stellina. :sad: i would have gotten the bv last night except that one of my closest friends already has the same one. i guess the search continues. thanks!
  5. all the outlets are totally out of inferno stellina...i was crazy looking for one..i made a post on LJ (nobody wanted to sell theirs) and tokitalk (same thing) ... until i found one on eBay....last time i check there were two, one was at a starting bid at $125 and the other was BIN$ goodluck!