Searching for High Waist Denim Jeans

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  1. [​IMG]
    I like how VB wear hers I just want them to be skinny at the bottom

    I like how the top part of Eva's jeans look (curvy)


    Im searching for jeans like fergie's in a just darker or black color denim

    okay fashion experts help me find the perfect high waist skinny jeans :okay:
  2. ^^^ thank u
  3. Diesel!!!! I am partial to the brand as it is mainly what I buy and wear, but they have some amazing cuts out for fall and winter!!!
    They have a few that look just like the ones on Fergie...
    These are new for fall 07' 89s is a black wash and gorgeous!!! These may be exactly what you are looking for based on your above pics...

    Here are livs in 8gd which is dark, not black

    and here are some from revolve in a grey wash

    It is a place to start anyways...I am in love with high waist, and they are super easy to wear...
    Good luck finding your perfect pair.
  4. If anyone is interested in the style that Eva Longoria is wearing, I purchased a pair exactly like hers at armani exchange..they're actually overalls and are very cute. I had several compliments and girls asking me where to buy them. I looked on the site today and they are now on sale for $49.:tup: