Searching for Grenat and Black City in thicker/matte

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  1. leather. Has anyone seen any? I prefer Neimans or Barneys over the boutiques if possible. Thanks so much!
  2. I saw a black city at Barney's in Boston and the leather was thick and matte!
  3. Shirise had a Fall '05 black city about one month ago. Not sure if it is still there.
  4. Thanks very much Zacorey. I just called Peter for it. Hope it's the same black that you saw.

    It seems like the Grenat City is completely gone from Barneys and Neimans. Has anyone see it?? Help???
  5. ocegirl- it was Barney's in Boston- not at Chestnut Hill. It was on the display table.
  6. Yikes. I just called Boston store and ordered the correct one from Paula. She was very nice and patient. Even went to the back to compare the other 2 black cities to the one on display. :smile: I guess I will have to return the one from Chestnut Hill. :sad: I hope Peter won't be too mad at me.

    Thanks Zacorey for your help.
  7. YAY Ocegirl!!!!:yahoo: You must take pictures when you get it! I was even showing this woman I met in the store how much I loved the leather on that black city!!!!!! The one I saw was very matte- the way I like em!!! Glad you called the right Barney's!!! Oh- Peter will get over it!:yes: :crybaby:
  8. Yeah ... Peter won't get mad ... he's a sweetie!!!

    Funny ... the Black City that I saw at the Chestnut Hill store was thick and crinkly (really distressed ... not matte), which is what I prefer.

    My new Black Purse is from 2006 Pre-Spring, but you would swear that it's from 2004/5 ... the leather is just like the "old" (FAB) leather!
  9. Thanks Zacorey and CeeJay. I will make it up to Peter by getting something else from him next time. If you see any Cities in the nice matte thick leather in Chestnut Hill whenever you're there, please let me know!