Searching for GH sandstone and GH anthra

  1. Hi everyone!

    i'm trying to complete my balenciaga collection and i'd really love to add sandstone GH and anthra GH .. the only GH sandstone i found in stores was a giant WE and the only GH anthra was a giant city

    i'm looking for a day, pt, work or brief .. is that impossible to find and should i just give up? please help! the last time i was looking for mogano and tomato i ended up buying a cafe WE and ivory first instead! :nogood:

  2. Last time I was at Cosmopolitan Shoes in Sydney they had a GGH Sandstone either Part-time or work.

    Their markups are huge though. You would be looking at around 2-2.5 k for just a city.
  3. Pink_Katana, Why not wait for Fall's Anthra? But it might be a different kind of Anthra altogether. HgBags posted some description here.
  4. there's a sandstone ggh work on eBay and its looks gorgeous!!!
  5. Not on your list, but if you're interested in the Sandstone GGH Hobo, both Ann's Fabulous Finds and Real Deal Collection have one listed.
  6. There was an Anthra PT on e**y this morning, and I think it was being sold by a TPFer, too!
  7. realdealcollection had a antrhawork in GGH :graucho: