Searching for decent priced Prada stores or webstores

  1. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find good priced Prada bags? My friend is in the market for a black leather Prada and I have already checked out Off 5th and and Loehmanns (hideous looking styles) for her but there hasn't been any ones that looked good or really that well prices.:sad:

    Thank you ladies! :flowers:
  2. Well outside of Saks and NM, there's Raffaello but they are more expensive. You can try Style Drops? They may have something: Prada handbags and purses
  3. Depending on where you live, there is an outlet store in Cabazon, CA.
  4. yeah, Style drops has a decent amount of prada bags. I'd also check Neimans sale section. I scored a $470 bag for $310 last month and waiting for a shipment now. also has prada bags you may like.
  5. I buy from (make sure that its sold directly by Amazon, I hear that other sellers do quite often list fakes) and You could also try and, they sometimes have some items.
  6. Thanks ladies! I'll take a look at them all =)
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