Searching for CLUTCH!

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  1. Ok...Ladies,

    I need your help to find a clutch. I've been hunting for a clutch, but have not find one that I fall immediately in love with. So far I like the LV white multicolor clutch and MJ clutch. I was wondering if any of you can give me more suggestions on a clutch that is not too formal...and not too casual too. Like something that u can bring to a club, yet still be ok if you bring it to a dinner party.



  2. If it's = (club, yet still be ok if you bring it to a dinner party)

    Buy the MJ clutch. LV Leather is a bummer to deal with when ur at clubs (drinks can get spilled etc.). Or grab a LV clutch in the Damier line?
  3. Well now that I think of it the Damier line only has 2-3 ok lookin' clutches.

    How about an LV Pochette Accessoires in the Epi line? It's a cute clutch for clubbin' (drop it, spill drinks, scratch it a'll still be good) and an elegant dinner party clutch.
  4. Also...

    D'Trick Jacquard Flap Clutch $365.00

    Shagreen Grained Calf Clutch
    SALE PRICE: $450.00

    This one is my fav...Clutch lover me I can't get enough of the Lexington!!!
    Louis Vuitton
    Lexington Accessory Pouch $580.00
  5. This is not something I'd get...but...Weird's been a while since I've seen this cute lil thing.

    Louis Vuitton
    Mini Ellipse $440.00

    hehe It's cute... ;)
  6. If you want a long lasting LV, stay away from the Monogram Vernis, some how it is not good under the sun for too long, I was told by the SA that it will change colour. And don't put it on top of newspaper, if they stick, you get newspaper printed on your Monogram Vernis:mad: . Somehow I don't understand why this material gets dirty so easily:cry:. Maybe it's better if it's in bronze. All I am saying it's Vernis is not as invincible as the other LV material. As Kojiko said, pick the tradition canvas ones or epi.
  7. I love this cute little clutch bag. Its for sale at £14.99!

    But your not in the UK so you might not be interested!
  8. Oh, and I love this bag - what do you guys think?
  9. I don't know about actually using it as a clutch, the shape seems a little awkward to just handle like that but it looks sooo cute when it's hanging off a larger Vuitton bag ! :love:
  10. I'm glad you like it! I'm thinking of buying this in a few months and this would then be my first LV purchase! :lol:
  11. I really, really love it. It's perfect for so many kinds of occasions, so classy, gorgeous choice! Post pictures if you get it please!!! Best wishes!
  12. i really like lauren merkin clutches...thinkin' about getting one myself. might wanna check Neiman Marcus's site, i think they carry them.
  13. [​IMG]
    here's a lauren merkin lambskin clutch in a particularly fetching metallic for the very reasonable $200