Searching for Cloudy Bundly E/W or N/S

  1. I'd like to take advantage of the NM sale on the Cloudy Bundle E/W or N/S has anyone seen or have any info? I was at my local SF NM today and the SA said that they were ALL sold out because of the sale. I don't think she bothered:s to check so thought I'd get the "real" info from my PF girls:yes:.
  2. NM is all out of the Cloudy my SA says. Try Saks or the Chanle boutiques. Am looking for one too.

  3. Thanks, I'll check Saks.:smile:
  4. I spoke with an SA earlier today at Nordstroms 206-628-2111 (Tommaka) who indicated that she had the cloudy bundle...Sorry I didn't ask for further information...however, that wasn't the bag I am in search of....I hope it still there....Good luck...

  5. Thanks Lisa!:flowers: