Searching for Chanel Diamond Shine Flap..Please help!

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  1. Hello Chanel lovers..
    Need your help. I've fallen in love :heart:with the Diamond Shine Flap, but of course cannot find it anywhere. :sad:
    Can anyone please help with style # so I can try to search for it?

    Much appreciated!
  2. hi summerpurse!

    i recently talked to the chanel customer service about that bag as well, and apparently there are two flap bags in the diamond shine collection. they couldn`t tell me what their difference was, but it was somehow not the size.

    anyways, the style numbers are a32942 and a32943!

    hope that helps and good luck for your search!
  3. i thought there was only one flap. i can check them when i get home.
  4. the customer service even sent me an e-mail with the two item numbers i posted before, and both of them even come in two different materials, y04265 and 04266, the first in light beige and black, the second in grey, burgundy and dark blue!
  5. must be a boardie. lol. isn't it gorgeous?! i adore mine. rjc also has one up on eBay...
  6. Just left NM at Beverly Hills today- I think I remember seeing one there.....give them a call as for Janine.
  7. I saw one last week at bloomingdales chestnut hill (MA). It was in beige patent/ or glazed beige?? I'm not sure about the name of the leather but it was beige. Its beautiful.
  8. Good luck with your search!

    I have so much to learn! :girlsigh: I don't know many of the bag names!
  9. i desperately want one too
  10. it was a f/w 2006 item which retailed for $1495. i used to have one, but i returned it. i usually take a pic of the style # for the reference library, but i think i forgot to do that for this one, unfortunately. :push:
  11. Oh my poor girl, 8 replies and no help yet! I'll go get my Diamond Shine box NOW! hehehe..

    The style code is
    06A A32942Y04265
    Classic bag with flap

    The DS flap is $1475USD. It was only released for Fall 2006. It is only available in Black or Ombre Red (pf member 'leem' has one, you can search for her pics)

    Here's mine. :love: I personally like the black most because of it's sheen. Those eBay pictures are really good!!



    I hope you get one, you will not be dissappointed. I think this is one of Chanel's underrated bags! (I didn't know it got reviewed in Elle though.. :confused1: Good luck!)

  12. This is so weird! The Chanel customer service sent me an E-Mail with all the available flaps and there was dark blue, light beige and dark grey listed!

    Maybe these were Europe-only colors?
  13. ooh- sorry to have missed all the replies! work has been nuts. Purrrfect - thank you for the tip. I called the NM in beverly hills and they said they did not have the diamond shine, but did just get a whole bunch of new things in with flaps. :sad:

    i'll keep searching!