Searching for black, red, or steel make up and first at NM

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  1. Hi All! Please let me know if you have seen a make up or first in black, red (any shade), or steel at Neimans. I am hoping to take advantage of their promo, but I haven't found what I'm looking for. Thanks!:flowers:
  2. You can ask the SA to locate the items you would like to purchase & have them shipped to you, too. I just ordered a black Part Time with GGH (w/ another bag). Not sure about how it will look on me but I'm looking forward to getting it.

  3. The SAs at my NM (or at least the ones I've spoken to) don't know all the different styles (especially the make up, for some reason). I'm hoping to have some extra sets of eyes. :smile: Congrats on your new PT!
  4. MU or Shoulder, I would take either, I should add...
  5. i wish i lived in america! its so much easier to bbag shop. i can't even imagine what it must be like to go to a local department store like Neimans and have all those amazing designers just waiting for our pervy little eyes
  6. oh and good luck with the search by the way! :tups:
  7. Hi there,
    FYI - Neiman does not buy makeup clutch at present time. They will be buying the makeup clutch later in the year w/ the new collection (not current). Good luck
  8. at NM today, the SA told me that the only shoulders they purchased this season were black, white, and bubblegum...
  9. OMG - I totally feel like a perv sometimes, checking out & touching the bbags!! :wtf: :lol:
  10. I saw a white, two shades of pink, and maybe a turquoise one tonight (can't remember the blue) black though. NM Austin if anyone is looking for those...
  11. Found my black first, now looking for a make-up. I'm hoping that some stores have them leftover from previous seasons....
    Any sightings? Thanks so much!
  12. which NM did you find your black first, please, yslalice? thanks!
  13. I was told yesterday by an SA at NM Tyson's that they had a Black MU, BUT I think it might actually be a toilet case because she mentioned that the price was $385 which seems too low for a makeup. It might be worth a try, though...

    glossie - the NM in Troy had a Black First today, and if you call for it Lisa Hamlin is the sweetest, most amazing SA ever!!!
  14. ^^The same thing happened to me. They were talking about the small toilette makeup bag - not the traditional makeup.
  15. I saw a black shoulder at the NM in Newport Beach