Searching for attachments...

  1. Often times I'm in search of a picture of a specific bag. In the Search section, I'd love to be able to click a checkbox that says something like "with attachments only" or something similar so only threads/posts with attachments are returned.

    I guess the same goes for links, I guess...

    Thanks for your consideration!
  2. I am afraid this is not possible and out of the scope of the forum software's ability.
  3. ^ Okay, thanks for letting me know! :yes:
  4. Speaking of attachments - has something changed with respect to the behavior of attachment links on tPF?

    #1 I'm no longer seeing thumbnail previews

    #2 The behavior has changed when I click on the attachment link ... it's downloading it to my computer instead of opening it in a new window.

    I realize #2 may be something in my browser settings that I inadvertently changed, but just thought I'd mention it in case it's not.
  5. Do you have a thread you can point me to where this occurs?
  6. Well, I am noticing that it's not happening in my IE browser on a different computer, so I think it must've just been a funny setting I had in Firefox on my other computer. I'll doublecheck & get back to you if it's still a problem.
  7. right on!