searching for anthracite

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  1. hi ladies

    i am looking for the giant city in anthracite with rose gold hardware. i have been checking the website everyday to see if it comes back in stock but no luck. do you ladies know if this color/style is seasonal only? or do you guys know any stores that still have it in stock?
  2. Bal London has it.
  3. It's better to post Shopping Inquiries in the Shopping Thread.

    This might be Anthra on, you would have to check with Customer Care.

    The Color/Style come out every season but RGGH hardware may be hard to find in the future. I don't know if it will remain a constant.
  4. I know that Barneys stores are sold out but you could try Neiman Marcus. Barneys will be receiving one last shipment of merchandise before the start of the spring season so you may be able to get on a wait-list if you're in the US.