searching for answers.............what is the biggest mistake you have made

  1. when buying Hermes? Is there anything you bought in the heat of shopping passion that you regret? Or at best didnt fit a need.........thanks in advance.
  2. Does my ex-husband count?
  3. hmmmmm.........I can't really think of any.
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:


  5. if mine does! seriously.............i am such a bad shopper...........i buy and buy ..........too big too little too dressy too casual................i should be on the Hermes version of what not to wear with stacy and clinton
  6. LOL! If I can count mine, too! I wonder how many Hermes bags I could have traded him for?
  7. Ohhh, I'm tempted to post a What Not To Wear pic here, but I'd probably get in trouble....tee hee hee....
  8. Hee,hee^^^

    I don't think it is a huge mistake, but I bought a gold togo kelly and then a gold togo birkin, both gold hardware. So I have 2 gold togo bags in my collection and one always gets neglected.:sad:Usually poor kelly.
  9. ^ Hey....send her on down to me....
  10. I like to think of it not as mistakes...but as stepping stones to my collection lol!! I have learned I do not like bright birkins (for me!) as I feel they attract attention......I learned I love the idea of a kelly but do not like to use them so much....and through process of elimination - I have learned that the bolides are my most fav bag along with the plumes...oh and also that black H bags do not do it for me (other than a small plume elan in black for evenings!!!) as I kept selling anything black lol!!
  11. LOL, shoes! I know your whole story; I was there from the beginning. LOL I think you've fine tuned your collection very nicely!
  12. Hmmm...I'll have to ponder this some more but in the meantime, 24's avatar is making me think of macarons...isn't Laduree opening up a NYC outpost next month? Sorry for the mini-hijack!!
  13. Hi Pepper, that's what I heard! I'd fly to NYC just to sink my teeth into a Laduree macaron again. LOL
  14. s'mom....I think they DO count.

    for me, I saw that darned yellow plume hanging from the handlebars in the scarf book and decided...I need one. But all I could have was Orange....v.v. bad decision. only H bag I've ever sold.
  15. I will have to investigate...
    In the meantime, will be doing a countdown til I can get to Paris again...less than 2 months now....
    As for get back on topic...I would probably say my ebene barenia Berlingot. It's an adorable bag and I got it so I could put it inside its matched 35 Birkin in case I was at work or traveling and didn't want to shlep the Birkin, but the reality is I have never used it that way.