Searching for an outdoor ligne flap please ro

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  1. I encountered a really rude SA at Neiman's today and she told me it's not possible to track this bag down anymore. I am pretty sure that I have heard of people still getting these bags at various stores across the country. She didn't even check in the computer or anything.

    Does anyone know if there are any still left and/or the best way to go about tracking one down? I am looking for the black flap.

    Thanks so much
  2. I'm so sorry she was rude to you, but she's most likely right that it's probably sold out now since it was on sale last month. Good luck in your search!
  3. Thanks for the response OCGirl -- I appreciate your info as this sales associate told me that this line was "over two years old and just plain unavailable". It was as if she was doing me a favor even talking to me. How rude!!!
  4. Crummy SA! I agree that it may be that they are sold out. If you do a search, I think quite a few people bought one here when they were on sale.