Searching for an Ivory/Cream/Blanc Paddington...

  1. I think some of you probably already have an idea of what I'm looking for from those eBay listings I asked about in the Authentication thread... :p

    Anyway, if anyone comes across any light-colored paddy, preferrably in the ivory/cream/blanc family, please do let me know! My ideal find would be an 06 blanc paddy :heart:, which is a softer white (kind of an ivory color) compared to the 07 blanc, but it's so hard to find.

    Thanks so much, ladies!!!
  2. Try contacting Ann at Ann's Fabulous Finds. She always gets purses in and you can be assured the stuff she carries is authentic. I bought my 06 blanc paddy from Ann back in the spring and I love it. She listed another one. Below is a link of 2006 Blanc paddy. Someone put it on layaway, but in my experience, sometimes people change their mind and then its off layaway. You can also ask Ann to let you know if she gets another one. Check the link: