Searching for an Aqua Money Wallet.....

  1. Has anyone seen an Aqua money wallet in their travels?
  2. Did you try AR? they could have this in money wallet....unless i'm wrong abt it......:smile:
  3. I saw an aqua wallet at Barney's Chestnut Hill last week. It could have been a compagnon, but I'm pretty sure it was a money wallet.
  4. Just got an email back from them, no Aqua :crybaby:
  5. Thanks so much! I will give them a call when they open!! :yahoo:
  6. Oh no...sorry to hear that as i remember they have it...probably has run-out....;)
  7. Finally got around to calling CH Barneys. They informed me that all of their bright Bal accessories were sent to Beverly Hills last week. :sad: I called BH, I asked if they had the money wallet in Aqua. They said YES!! :yahoo: He told me to hold while he went to get it. He said it zipped and was really large :sad: So......the hunt continues!! :crybaby: They had several compagnons and the smaller ones as well. French Blue and Aqua if anyone was looking. No makeup clutches anywhere. :shrugs:
  8. There was one at Saks in Boca Raton when I was looking for an Aqua wallet a week or two ago. (I ended up getting mine from Saks New Orleans... since they were prompt to get back to me.)

    I would try them!! I don't know if it is still there, because I think I posted this for someone else as well. :smile: Just don't ask too many questions, because then they apparently DON'T call you back!!! :hysteric: (Sorry, this is my pet peeve.)
  9. Nordies in Sac had one last night, an aqua money right?? yes siree..I acutually contemplated it to match my aqua city but I already have a black money!! It's really pretty call Sarah Hinkle 916-646-2400 She is the Bal specialist!!
  10. SAGRANCH YOU ROCK!!!!!! I just called and spoke to Sarah. Not only was she incredibly nice, she had my wallet!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: Thank you! Thank you!!! Aqua money wallet on the way!!! Woooo Hooo!!!!! I told her that she was recommended by a PF'r and she was so thrilled!!! YAY!!!!
  11. Thanks to all my fellow PF'rs for helping me to track this down!!! The PF ROCKS!!! :rochard:
  12. Woo hoo..I am so glad:smile::smile: You're welcome!!
  13. :yahoo:
    Oh... glad you found one.. any chance they had two:shrugs:??!! I too am looking for the aqua wallet - Any suggestions for me would be SOOO appreciated - either here .. or PM me!! THANKS!!!!
  14. ooo please post pics when you get it and congrats!

  15. Try Barney's in Dallas, Northpark Center, I am fairly certain I saw one, but about 2 weeks ago, worth inquiring though! Good luck.