Searching for a Vert D'eau in Europe

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  1. I fell in love with Vert D'eau but can't seem to find it in Europe! I don't want to purchase from the states because the custom charge will be really high. (My heart is broken knowing there is one in BalLA but can't take it.)

    Please please let me know if you happen to come by any vert d'eau city/twiggy or any other style in Europe. I'll really appreciate it!
  2. i know there is one on the bay..think it's a work and a brief? but it is in the states..maybe you could ask the sellers to make the value really low for customs? =)
  3. i'm looking for a vert d'eau as well. A vert d'eau weekender, it's loverly colour isn't it!! like tofuchan said, there's a brief on ebay:tup:
  4. Thanks tofuchan, I'll keep an eye on that brief and searching for a city or twiggy in the mean time.

    Madaboutchloe, a vert d'eau weekender sounds like heaven! I'll let you know if I see one. Hope you'll find it soon!
  5. Hi, like 2 months ago, they had one VD work in Bal Paris. Try! they might still have it and they provide a great service, you'll receive the bags in 2 days :yes:
    Balenciaga Paris: (33) 1 47 20 21 11 Good Luck!
  6. Thanks for the info crazyaboutbags! I've luckily got a vert d'eau city on my way already. tPF is amazing! But I'm sure the info you provided will benefit fellow tPFers. I'll def visit Bal Paris next time I'm there. They seem to have a lot rare bags!

    In case there is anybody searching for bags in this amazing colour, Bal LA and Bal NY currently have one or 2 cities left. Grab it quick before the summer ends!
  7. I'm glad you found your dream bag! :heart:
    Congrats & Enjoy it!!