Searching for a Tomato SGH PT & Mogano/Cinnamon with RH

  1. Please help me find these 2 bags .. my heart is set on a Tomato SGH PT and any Mogano/Cinnamon RH (except for first and city :p) .. our local bal boutique doesn't carry any Tomato SGH PT and i was looking for a Mogano/Cinnamon step but was told they were never made .. i'd settle for a twiggy, day, work or even a WE!

  2. check out bluefly for mogano!!
  3. thanks alot for the headsup .. but i was too late :sad:
  4. Try calling Nordstrom Sacramento. I was there about a week ago and I think I saw a mogano day. They also had some tomato items, but I can't remember specifics. If you call, please ask for Patrice. The number is 916-646-2400.
  5. thanks valerieb i'm not in the US but maybe i'll try that if i didn't find any elsewhere .. thanks again for the number