Searching for a Steel/Plomb Weekender and Steel GGH Clutch........

  1. does anyone know where I can find one? I haven't started calling around yet. I'm looking for the RH Weekender in Steel and the Gold Giant Clutch. tia
  2. ^^^ on more hunts for more steel/plomb "T"?! you must really do love this color! I'm hunting for the steel GGH fold over clutch too! (or black if no luck)... after seeing Mabli's pics... I NEED one for when I hit town in the weekends... :p a very classy and edgy bag for night for sure... good luck to both of us!
  3. AR has the plomb weekender in RH in stock!
  4. Thanks ninja!!!!

    Ali......We're on the hunt for the same bag......I've decided I want the envelope as well in steel with GGH. I don't even know if anyone bought this combo but I want it bad!!!! Mabli's pics did me in. Good luck to both of us on finding one!