Searching for a specific wallet! Help!

  1. Okay, so I went to the Coach store a few days before Christmas and noticed a really beautiful wallet. I'm pretty sure it's the Hampton's Signature wallet but I'm not too sure. It was a checkbook wallet and was priced $208. Anyways, it had a gold inside and that's what I absolutely loved about it. I swear I even found it online somewhere. So, a week passes and I decide to find it online again but, alas! It's nowhere to be found. I went to the Coach store again yesterday in hopes that it'll be where it was but it was gone. I asked the woman at the desk but they couldn't figure out what I was talking about. I'm thinking about going back again and explaining to them but I wanted a second opinion first.

    Was I dreaming? I swear I've seen it. I've Googled it a trillion times and nothing has popped up.
  2. Try searching for Coach style number 6K13. It comes in several colrs, including the gold or brass. They are at the outlets too.
  3. Awesome! I was able to google the style number and found the gold. Thanks so much.