Searching For A Silverado

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  1. I am looking for a silverado bag in chocolate or black, can anyone from the forum help me? :worried: I have discovered that the paddy is just not for me.
  2. I saw the original brown silverado on bluefly a few days ago :
  3. It's not available anymore.
  4. hi sweetface- I would check your local Nordstrom's. They had a huge selection at Nordstrom's at the Grove when I was there last week...I'm sure they can order whatever you need!
  5. There are 3 different colours of Silverado's for sale at don't know which colours they are though. take a look!
  6. I'm aware, but bluefly has been known to put stuff back from time to time.
  7. the silverado in black is actually not as difficult to locate now. i saw one at nordstroms in king of prussia in PA. i also saw it advertized with NAP but not sure how long ago.

    good luck.
  8. NM Boston had a medium chocolate early in the week. Call and ask for Rita. I have seen the black at various Nordstrom stores.
  9. Good choice! I love my medium chocolate Silverado. It's such a rich yummy color with slight burgundy undertones. Reminds me of a semi-sweet chocolate bar!
  10. Just talked to my SA at Nordtrom and she has the SIlverado in different styles. She has a large black satchel, the hobo in olive, tan and whiskey, the open satchel in tan, silver and gold. She can also find whatever color and style you want. You can call (408) 248-2180 X1250 and look for Georgette. The store is in Santa Clara, CA but she can you the bag.