Searching for a shoulder bag...

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  1. Ugh, so sad to admit this. But during this lazy pregnancy time, my Spy is becoming a little too heavy to tote around as my everyday bag. I want something I can put over my shoulder more easily than the Spy and that still is roomy enough to hold all my junk. I was looking at this one... eLUXURY - Fendi - Medium Metallic Leather Bag de Jour Fendi Anyone seen it IRL? Or can anyone recommend anything else? Thanks!!
  2. I've seen it in real life, it's a little smaller than the spy in terms of size. I didn't actually like how it looked in real life because it looked like the had glued in glitter in the cracks on the "bubbles" of the leather. So from a distance its ok but up close I just thought it wasn't worth it. There are a lot of bags you could use..I don't have any of them except the spy so I can't say whether it would be heavy after putting your stuff in or not but I can post pics!:smile:
    [​IMG]I really like this one! It has a zip and is quite big, also on elux.
    [​IMG]I like this one too (eh hem)..I think baglady could tell you if it gets heavy or not.
    [​IMG]This is new
    And they also have the medium bag du jour in black and brown at some stores or online..I like the black and brown ones a lot, just not metallic but if you do then its a great bag!
  3. Thanks!! I loveeeeeee the bubble chef shopper... I haven't seen it IRL so I wasn't sure how large it was and didn't realize I'd be able to carry it on my shoulder. So that's a definate maybe... I'm very much leaning toward that one!
  4. ILuv..the puckered shopping chef is a great shoulder bag imo. The interior is very roomy, very light..I think it is a perfect bag if you like the style imo. :idea:
  5. Thanks for the input! I saw that you had already picked one up!! Lucky gal!!:tup:
  6. I have Zucca Chef shopper in the jacquard fabric and it is a great bag..However, I am dying to get the puckered leather....Good luck with your bag search