Searching for a Pochette PANDA /CERISES

  1. Hi guys, I am desperatly searching for a Monogram Pochette Panda or a Pochette Cerises for a reasonable price. (+/- 200 €)

    Problem is that I do not have Paypall, and most sellers on eBay prefer payment by Paypall. :confused1:


  2. oh I think almost sold for $300 or more, even Panda will go higher. I think if you check eBay anytime, you could find in your budget :smile: good luck
  3. Go on eBay every day looking for one and you might find one or so in your price range.
  4. Just keep looking at ebay, there are a lot on there, especially the Cerises. Remember, no buying or selling on here. :yes:
  5. U can always buy one from fashion pile they have a panda pochette avaliable now and they accept bank wire transfer
  6. Yes, HK resellers also prefer bank wire
  7. i always see these pop up on ebay. keep checking.
  8. Watch ebay, you never know when you'll get lucky!:tup:
    Hope you find one soon!
  9. You can also try or
    Good luck !!