Searching for a new GYM bag....recommendations?

  1. Hi everyone! Can you guys share with me what you think the cutest gym bag is? I go to the gym everyday. Also, do you guys ever feel safe putting your designer bag locked in a gym closet?

    Right now I am thinking my handbag is worth more than the cash inside! :amuse:
  2. I bought a bright orange Stella McCartney Adidas Gym Bag. I feel safe taking it to the gym, just as long as I have a lock. I believe it was something like $280.00
  3. I carry cheap nylon gym bag not LV bag, I tried to take keepall 50 once, It didn't fit my locker. I had to jump it inside :sad:
  4. I have the cutest Prada tote..its nylon but has the sharpest Prada stamp in the front...I get tons of compliments on it.NM .COM has it on their site..I think its like 780-ish...worth every penny..comes in brown too..
  5. I really like the Lululemon gym bags, especially since they have a wet-dry pocket. I've sold all of the ones that I've owned (they go for way above retail after a season's over !) but I'd definitely buy another one.
  6. I also use a Lululemon. They fit a lot of stuff and are not overly expensive.
  7. Thank you ladies for all of your suggestions! :yes: Do you guys carry your designer handbags and gym bags? That is what I would have to do since I can't put my handbag in the car. I guess I could just carry my gym bag but then all of my handbags would sit at home. :hrmm:

    Just don't feel safe putting a 1K+ bag in the gym locker.
  8. I never bring my designer bags to the gym. I usually just bring my wallet. I just dont feel save leaving them unattended (lock or no lock). The one time I had to bring my Fendi to the gym I left it locked in my friend's car. Even then I kept looking out the window making sure the car was okay. This is just me though. I have a phobia of having things stolen. When I was 16 (turning 17) I had my very first car stolen. It literally happened on my birthday. So now I am uber conscious of where my things are.
  9. if you do yoga, I would try to get a hold of the MJ Christy bag--they float around on eBay. Here's one that's $389--I got mine for something like $30 shipped but mine was used and I believe it was originally $400
  10. I go to the gym from work so usually I put my designer purse and sometimes my fine jewelry in the locker. I guess it never occurred to me that someone might go in there and break the lock. Not sure how they'd do it.

    Anyways, I need a new gym bag - hmmm, I wonder if Gucci makes one - that would crack me up.
  11. Personally, I L O V E Under Armour bags (and clothes)....I go to the gym regularlly and I have the Pink Women's UA bag. It is really small, but roomy, and oh so cute. I paid 30ish at Sports Authority. Very inexpensive from a high quality brand.
  12. Hello, I really need an organized, cute (;)) gym bag. I ordered an Un Apres Midi de Chien bag I thought was going to be perfect but when I got it, it was too small. It was cute, though. Do you know of any brand or style that will help me transition from work to gym back to work without having to rummage around in the bottom of a big duffle? Thanks!
  13. I use a Vera Bradley large Tote. I think its called the Vera or the Villager. Love it because I can throw it in the wash. It has loads of pockets inside and out. So my locker padlock goes in one, my ipod in another. etc.

    I recommend getting one on eBay, they are too expensive when buying from a retailer.
  14. Vera bradley is actually having a sale right now on some discontinued patterns...
  15. I use my Herve Chapelier as my gym bag. The best thing is you can wash it.