Searching for a med/large with bojoux chain in any color please help!!

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  1. hi girls,
    x'mas is around the corner, my bf and i really want to get his sister a Chanel for her birthday and x'mas. She really likes the bijoux chain. I'm thinking a med/large would be the best size for her. Can anyone please help me locate these bags?
    any help would be appreciated! (preferably in caviar)
    Thank you in advance!:heart:
  2. Do you wanna CC lock or the MM lock is fine with you?

    I saw a white caviar flap with MM lock & bijoux chain at Soho Chanel boutique... You wanna give them a call...

    about a month ago, i also saw a classic flap with bijoux chain at Atlanta GA... you mite wanna try your luck there too...
  3. with the CC lock
    i will give them a call thank you!
  4. I just called Saks in Atlanta this morning and they have the medium in black and white with the new chain. Give them a call!
  5. oh what a lovely present to get her, i wish i lived in the states, you guys have so many places to get chanel :love:
  6. can i still find it in classic range with bijoux chain? anyone knows? thanks
  7. there is one on eBay. white cc lock bijoux.
  8. thanks, i saw that but not too keen on white color....:love:
  9. Hi I saw a Brown dstressed in Bloomies Ny 59 th street