Searching for a leather bracelet bag

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  1. Does anyone know where I can find the old style Chloe bracelet bag? I'm looking for a simply, all leather one without beads or crystals...Just the bag with the strap and the rings...
    I'd really appreciate some help!
  2. There were two on eBay recently. That's probably your best place to find one. I don't think they sell them anymore other than the new leather one that is on but it has metal things all over it.
  3. thanks for your suggestion, I actually bid on one last week-but I feel like you never know what the bag's REAL condition is when you purchase carried bags off eBay because it is sooo easy to misrepresent them.
    I saw the Aubrey on a little much both in price and in style for what I want it for!
  4. I had one on eBay last week... it was actually the ONLY all leather one I saw -was it mine? LOL... if so -- the leather wasn't even broken in. But you're right, you never know what u get on ebay
  5. If anyone sees one let me know, I have been wanting this bag for a long time! I checked ebay recently with no luck. :cry: