Searching for a large/portrait sized Celine envelope shoulder bag

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been dying to own a Celine handbag for a while now and working in the handbags area of a department store does NOT help my Celine obsession! A handbag that we didn't stock was the taller/larger sized (portrait shaped) envelope shoulder bag (FW2010 I believe) and I had pretty much given up all hope until just recently when I saw one for sale on eBay (it sold before I could bid!).

    I've searched online stockists and consignment sites and haven't found any - I guess that size was less popular than the smaller landscape styles. I also live in Australia where Celine is really difficult to find and terribly overpriced.

    I was wondering if anyone here might know of a stockist/website/anyone I could purchase it from? Seeing that auction reignited my desperation to own one! I really love its tall portrait shape and don't own anything like it. Any help would be immensely appreciated! Thanks!
  2. That is from prior collections. Will be HTF now. GL
  3. I would stalk eBay like a crazy girl. Save it as a search and get them to update you.

    I got my 2006 Chloe oxfords after 3 years of stalking them on eBay. (although it's a different colour and 1 size big from what I really want)

    and I got my ann demeulemeester triple lace boots in 36.5 (again about 1.5 size too big, but hey it's a boot. it'll work!) after 3 years of stalking it on ebay.
  4. I purchased mine back in Nov last year from Bluefly. Mine one is olive/cream. It's a gorgeous bag. But I think I have to agree with Xing also, maybe ebay is your only source for now cos I've never seen other sites selling this bag as well. GL!
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  6. Laura from Celine BH says that the envelope is coming back. They have that bag in your picture, but in the monogram canvas and brown leather combo....
  7. IDK if you ever found one, yet I happen to know a boutique in Italy that sells online and has two listed still for 732 Euro (around $1000 USD). One is Anthracite and white and the other is Beige and white. ANyone interested let me know, though to be fair I will wait and see if tantpistol asks for a bit before answering to give her a chance to get it! I believe these are the last two they have.

  8. I know this was a long time ago..but still there by any chance?
  9. Yes, I think so. PM me for info.
  10. I saw one in a reseller boutique in my city too, white/navy. But the price is a bit high, about $1700, I think
  11. Hi - I'm even later, but is the info still available? Or for others on the thread, I'm particularly searching for the anthracite envelope bag (not the large size). Any thoughts?