Searching for A large black DS tote

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  1. Has anyone seen a black large diamond stitch tote?

    Please PM me.

  2. Anyone?
  3. i've been on the hunt as well. have called 1800 #, a few boutiques, saks, nm, nordstrom....was told they're completely gone from the company and i should wait for the re-release come fall.
  4. I just found a small, but I dont know if it will fit all my stuff.....
  5. How much stuff do you carry? I think mine is the small (11x7x5) and I find it's big enough for me.

  6. A lot! lol... my jumbo is too small for me... do you think the small tote will fit more than a jumbo flap?
  7. Anyway, i have posted this thread too to search for a large black DS tote but they said it's totally sold out. I think u may have to wait for the re-order for pre-fall collection and heard they will be back again~
  8. I don't have any jumbo flaps so I can't compare, but I can carry a lot of stuff in my diamond stitch tote. It might have to do with the shape - I think the tote is deeper than flaps, so it's pretty roomy.
  9. I have a small white diamond stitch tote and i can fit a lot more in it than my jumbo flap. I usually carry a chanel hard sunglass case, soft eyeglass case, long LV wallet, LV small agenda, LV checkbook cover, LV small pouch, cell phone & keys...hope this helps
  10. Just bumping my thread
  11. Hon..just wait for Fall, stores will start getting the Fall season in early July.
    and from reading your previous post- get the large tote- the small tote will too be small for you.:smile: I own the large and it's perfect size.:tup:

  12. I'm still holding out... :upsidedown: cuz I wanted to get it at the older price..:P