Searching for a gold pen for your Agenda PM? look no further! PICS!

  1. Hi all! So after reading all the threads about finding a pen that will fit the small-ring agenda (Agenda PM), all the pens suggested didn't match my koala agenda. I kept finding links to pens that would fit, but they were mostly all silver..and I wanted gold, to match the gold koala hardware. So after searching like a madman on Google and on Ebay, I finally found one!! It's pretty tiny, but it's cute enough. Not sure if I'll really use it, it might just stay in the pen loophole just for decoration, lol. :lol: fyi, its a twist open pen.

    Anyway, here is the link to the listing on Ebay for those of you who might be interested in getting it. There's way more than one listing of this specific pen from different sellers if you search it, but here's the link to the seller I bought from. Mind you, I only paid like $4.50 for it!! I attached pics of the pen in my agenda...along w/my Sanrio Charmmy Kitty organizer refill. (You can find sanrio 2007 agenda refills on Ebay, too. It's an exact fit for the Agenda PM's!) Hope this helps!!

    eBay: fantastic 3" mini gold tone wallet/checkbook pen (item 290038406505 end time Oct-20-06 14:57:39 PDT)
    CIMG1370.JPG CIMG1372.JPG CIMG1375.JPG
  2. and here's pics of Charmmy Kitty, lol
    CIMG1364.JPG CIMG1367.JPG
  3. Very cute!
  4. Awww cute. TFS!
  5. Awww so cute! I may have to get one of those, the one I bought fell out somewhere. This is why I don't buy expensive pens!
  6. OMG that's so cute, thanks for the pen link only $3.50. I need one for my groom agenda.
  7. Awesome pen!! I wanted one but he only ships to US.

    Oh and the calendar pages are too cute!
  8. Thanks so much! I wonder if that´s thin enough though, or is it the same pen?
  9. So Cute!!!!!!!
  10. Oooh, so cute..! Everything matches perfectly! Love it!
  11. Cute!
  12. nice one! :yes:
  13. Very cute! Where did you find the agenda refills on eBay? Every time I look for them, I must be using the wrong keywords.
  14. Thanks, I needed one for my MC small ring. I purchased the one above ;)