Searching for a Box, a Purse and an Oval

  1. :s is it impossible to find brand new bags in these styles?

    please help! :crybaby:
  2. i suppose its possible but not in stores. Your best luck is eBay and consignment shops!
  3. write to Aloha Rag ( back in nov07, they still had emerald and marron purses. no more box.
  4. there are a few box's on eBay i think
  5. think there is an '06 cornflower box on eBay
  6. I wrote to Aloha Rag in Dec 07, no more purse.
  7. thanks everyone for taking the time

    i have emailed aloha rag before reading pinkboudior's post .. i have never purchased from ebay but i'm keeping my eyes open! the one's i've seen there are either used or pony hair ..

    i really want a box most of all .. i blame glossie's gorgeous black box :p
  8. :lol: then i blame it on outpt's black box. i saw the black pony box on *bay. it's TDF. i would totally get that if i have money. i would also sweep all the coloured boxes clean if i have money. lol.
  9. lol this forum is a bad influence! i'd get the black pony box but i keep telling myself that i already have a pony shoulder so i should just keep looking!
  10. The box is a great bag..I have two. But if thats what you want you will have to consider used. There are a few nice ones on ebay.

    Having bought several good condition used bags on ebay, I'd suggest looking into it. I originally didnt want a used bag but I would have not been able to get my grey purse new....and you could hardly tell it was used! And it is now my favorite bag!

    Just be careful and get everything authenticated....a used bag is one thing, but a fake is something else completely!
  11. There are purses at cult status in Australia....there was ink last time I was there.
  12. i was searching for an oval earlier this month, and there was a white one at Barneys ny and there's one at printemps...
    you could also have barneys do a search of other stores...
  13. msflutter i'll keep that option open thanks for the encouragement :smile:

    thanks water_daisy .. do you know if cult status ship internationally? i'd love an ink purse!

    kimair thank you .. i'll check with printemps first then .. and congrats on your lovely oval!